Full Tournament Scoreboard, 2006 Season, click here.

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Free tournaments. No buy-in or gambling for money or other things of value. No prizes, trophies, bartabs, or other awards. Strictly for entertainment & sport. Must be 21. Scores are as received from the Chicago Poker Meetup Group. For information and current schedule visit:


CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE QUALIFYING PLAYERS: Seated from front left: Fabian Ramos, Ritta Jilwaya, Don Crosbie, Tournament Director S. Michael Bishop (standing), Chris Lackore, Tim Moran, Edgar Sandoval




1st: Don Crosbie

1st: John Rogers

2nd: Fabian Ramos

2nd: Marcia Keat

3rd: Chris Lackore

3rd: Tim Weaver

4th: Edgar Sandoval

4th: Brian Fons

5th: Tim Moran

5th: Larry Volpert

6th: Ritta Jilwaya

6th: "Lance" Lancer

7th, np: Bret Dale

7th: Isaac Braswell

7th, np: Jared Gunn

8th: Bryan Tran

7th, np: Larry Shaw

9th: Joe Rondon

7th, np: Neville White


7th, np: Iwona Filuciak



This was a tremendous Final Table Championship! The chip leadership changed hands many times. Congratulations to all players!

STARTING STACK: Each player starts with 10000 units. Units are free and have no exchange for cash, prizes, or other things of value. Each player also has one "re-entry" option for another stack of 10000 units, but only after they have gone "all-in" and busted out.

340pm 50/100 Holdem Play begins with 50-100 blinds
400pm 100/200 Omaha First hand of Omaha is dealt
415pm 100/200 Omaha With 2 8's and an ace on the board, both Don Crosbie and Tim Moran hold an Ace in their hand to make A's and 8's, but Crosbie's King in the hand outkicks Moran for a large 20,000+pot early in the game. Picture is below, Crosbie's hand is in upper left.

425pm 300/600 Omaha Tim Moran makes a 9 high straight to beat Edgar Sandoval's 8-high straight and take down a nice all-in pot. Picture is below.

430pm 200/400 5-Stud First hand of no-limit 5-card stud is dealt.
450pm 500/1000 5-Stud Blinds go to 500-1000. Chris Lackore & Ritta Jilwaya re-enter
500pm 500/1000   Edgar Sandoval re-enters
530pm 800/1600   Ritta Jilwaya busts out
550pm 1800/3600   Blinds reach 1800/3600
605pm 1800/3600 Lowball Don Crosbie takes down a huge lowball pot when Chris Lackore pairs his 4 on the draw and Crosbie's King high holds up. Picture is below.

605 2500/5000   Blinds reach 2500/5000
615 2500/5000 Holdem In a monster 3-way pot with 2 all-ins, Chris Lackore's pair of Aces hold up over Don Crosbie's queens and Tim Moran's pocket Kings. Crosbie must re-enter and Moran busts out. Picture below.

630pm 3500/7000   Blind levels reach 3500/7000.
645pm 5000/10000   Edgar Sandoval busts out as blinds reach 5,000 / 10,000. Play is now 3-way between Chris Lackore, Fabian Ramos, and Don Crosbie, pictured below, left to right.

745pm 10000/20000   Chris Lackore busts out after four hours of championship play
750pm 10000/20000 Holdem With both players all-in, the board to the turn shows J-J-Q-6. With a deuce on the river, Don Crosbie's 8 out-kicks Fabian Ramos' 5 to win the hand and the August Championship! The final hand is pictured below.


  CONSOLATION   John Rogers takes down the final hand to take 1st place in the multi-table consolation event. Ironically, it's a battle of high hands in Lowball when Rogers' King high beats Marcia Keat's Ace high to win it all!

Congratulations to all players who made the August 2006 Championship a memorable event!