Full Tournament Scoreboard, 2006 Season, click here.

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Free tournaments. No buy-in or gambling for money or other things of value. No prizes, trophies, bartabs, or other awards. Strictly for entertainment & sport. Must be 21. Scores are as received from the Chicago Poker Meetup Group. For information and current schedule visit:


CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE QUALIFYING PLAYERS: Seated from left: Merri Furlong, John Rogers, Milton Kwan, Neville White, Iwona Filuciak, Rob Vinson, Erion Postoli, and Diana Migala.




1st: Iwona Filuciak

1st: James Choi

2nd: Merri Furlong

2nd: Ritta Jilwaya

3rd: John Rogers

3rd: Tim Moran

4th: Neville White

4th: Kathie Huddleston

5th: Rob Vinson

5th: Cindy Malinowski

6th: Diana Migala

6th: Larry "the Liquidator" Shaw

7th: Erion Postoli

7th: Todd Moroney

8th: Milton Kwan

8th: Bob Steffens


9th: Rebecca Hollinger




This was a tremendous Final Table Championship! The chip leadership changed hands many times. Congratulations to all players!

STARTING STACK: Each player starts with 10000 units. Units are free and have no exchange for cash, prizes, or other things of value. Each player also has one "re-entry" option for another stack of 10000 units, but only after they have gone "all-in" and busted out.

340pm 50/100 Holdem Play begins with 50-100 blinds
400pm 100/200 Omaha First hand of Omaha is dealt
420pm 200/400 Omaha Blinds raised to 200/400
439pm 200/400 Omaha All-in on a monster pot, Merri Furlong makes a wheel on the river to rake in approx 20,000! Her hand is in foreground in below (see Ace-5 in hand, 4-3-2 on board).

445pm 300/600 Omaha Iwona Filuciak and Milton Kwan re-enter.
520pm 300/600 5-stud All-in, Iwona Filuciak hits one of the rarest hands in poker: Four of a kind in 5-card stud! See the incredible "4 deuces" in picture below! Rob Vinson takes a picture also, seeing is believing. Diana Migala re-enters.

540   Lowball Iwona Filuciak finds a fitting way to follow up 4-deuces in 5-card stud by hitting a perfect 7-5-4-3-2 low on the deal to beat Milton Kwan's excellent 9-6 low!

620 2000/4000   Neville White re-enters
625 2000/4000   Neville White busts out in 4th place. The tournament is down to the final 3 players in picture below, from left: Merri Furlong, John Rogers, Iwona Filuciak. Rob Vinson deals.

700pm     John Rogers is knocked out in 3rd place and play is now heads-up between Furlong and Filuciak.
715pm     After three and half hours of no-limit poker, Merri Furlong is all-in. Iwona Filuciak wins the pot and the July Final Table Championship!


  CONSOLATION   The Final Consolation Table is below. Pictured from front, left clockwise are: Bob Steffens (back to cam), Rebecca Hollinger, Tim Moran, James Choi, Todd Moroney, Kathie Huddleston, Cindy Malinowski, Ritta Jilwaya, and Edgar Sandoval (back to cam). The veteran Choi eventually won it all vs. runner-up Ritta Jilwaya.

Congratulations to all players who made the July 2006 Championship a memorable event!