Full Tournament Scoreboard, 2006 Season, click here.

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Free tournaments. No buy-in or gambling for money or other things of value. No prizes, trophies, bartabs, or other awards. Strictly for entertainment & sport. Must be 21. Scores are as received from the Chicago Poker Meetup Group. For information and current schedule visit:


CHAMPIONSHIP TABLE QUALIFYING PLAYERS: Seated from left: Merri Furlong, Rob Vinson, James Sodergren, Neville White. Standing: Tournament Director S. Mike Bishop, Al Chin, Erion Postoli, Fabian Ramos, John Rogers. Qualified but unable to attend: Rebecca Hollinger, Tony Matthews.




1st: Fabian Ramos

1st: Iwona Filuciak

2nd: James Sodergren

2nd: Chris Lackore

3rd: Merri Furlong

3rd: Joseph Rondon

4th: Rob Vinson

4th: Michael Villa

5th: John Rogers


6th: Al Chin


7th: Erion Postoli


8th: Neville White


9th tied: Rebecca Hollinger


10th tied: Tony Matthews



This was a tremendous Final Table Championship! The chip leadership changed hands many times. Congratulations to all players!

STARTING STACK: Each player starts with 10000 units. Units are free and have no exchange for cash, prizes, or other things of value. Each player also has one "re-entry" option for another stack of 10000 units, but only after they have gone "all-in" and busted out.

340pm 50/100 Holdem Play begins with 50-100 blinds
400pm 100/200 Holdem Blinds raised to 100-200
415pm 200/400 5-Stud Neville White hits a wheel on 5th street to beat Fabian Ramos' out of a 3000 pot.
450pm 600/1200 5-Stud John Rogers pairs his Ace on 5th street to beat Jim Sodergren's 7's. Sodergren re-enters. The winning hand is below.

510pm 1000/2000 Omaha Erion Postoli hits a huge hand for a monster pot in Omaha, making Kings Full with 2 K's in his hand. Both Al Chin and Neville White are all-in and re-enter. Postoli admires the 2 Kings in picture below. Chin and White are standing at left.

520 1500/3000 Omaha Jim Sodergren is right back in it when he hits a huge Queens Full hand in a 4-way Omaha pot. Neville White is knocked out in 8th place. The Q's Full are in foreground.

530 2500/5000   Merri Furlong and Erion Postoli re-enter
535 2500/5000 Omaha Rob Vinson makes an 8-to-Queen straight to knock out Erion Postoli in 7th and Al Chin in 6th. Winning hand is below.

550 3500/7000   John Rogers is knocked out in 5th place.
605 5000/10000 5-Stud Fabian Ramos pairs his Queens on 5th Street for 2 pair and beats Merri Furlong's 8's and 9's. The fateful Queen is by Ramos' right wrist in picture below.

625 10000/20000 Omaha Rob Vinson is knocked out in 4th place. This completes an eerie pattern of 4th place finishes for Vinson who went out in 4th in both the May and Spring Championships also.
630 10000/20000 Holdem Merri Furlong finishes 3rd and heads-up play begins between Jim Sodergren (left) and Fabian Ramos. The consolation table is in the background.

635 10000/20000 Holdem Ramos' is all-in with an Ace-Jack which holds up vs. Sodergren's Ace-Ten. This huge and decisive hand is shown below.

640 10000/20000 5-Stud A pair of 8's for Ramos holds up to win it all. Fabian Ramos is the June 2006 Champion and James Sodergren is runner-up.


645 CONSOLATION Holdem In the final hand of heads-up play on the Consolation Table, Iwona Filuciak makes a pair of 9's that hold up vs. Chris Lackore's 7's. Filuciak is the June Consolation Champion and Lackore is runner up.

Congratulations to all players who made the June 2006 Championship a memorable event!