Full Tournament Scoreboard, 2006 Season, click here.

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Free tournaments. No buy-in or gambling for money or other things of value. No prizes, trophies, bartabs, or other awards. Strictly for entertainment & sport. Must be 21. Scores are as received from the Chicago Poker Meetup Group. For information and current schedule visit:


OCTOBER FINAL TABLE CHAMPIONSHIP, QUALIFYING PLAYERS: Seated from front left: Fabian Ramos (back to camera), Chris Heina, Chris Lackore, Joe Rondon, Jared Gunn, Tournament Director S. Michael Bishop (standing), Nate Beal, Ritta Jilwaya, Maverick Marquee, Tim Weaver, and Edgar Sandoval. Not pictured: Ahmad Ahmad





1st: Chris Heina

1st: Daniel Rodriguez

2nd: Joe Rondon

2nd: Ronnie Regan

3rd: Chris Lackore

3rd: David Weiner

4th: Ahmad Ahmad

4th: Lloyd Smithson

5th: Maverick Marquee

5th: Don Crosbie

6th: Ritta Jilwaya

6th: Mike Schwartz

7th: Tim Weaver

7th: Danny Quiros

8th: Fabian Ramos

8th: Ben Strauch

9th: Nate Beal


10th: Jared Gunn


11th: Edgar Sandoval



This was a tremendous Final Table Championship! The chip leadership changed hands many times. Congratulations to all players!

STARTING STACK: Each player starts with 10000 units. Units are free and have no exchange for cash, prizes, or other things of value. Each player also has one "re-entry" option for another stack of 10000 units, but only after they have gone "all-in" and busted out.

410pm 50/100 Holdem Play begins with 50-100 blinds
435pm 100/200 Holdem Joe Rondon catches a straight 10-A w/ QK in hand to take a huge 20K pot from Maverick Marquee in the early going. Marquee must re-enter. Rondon's QK is at front right in picture below.

450pm 100/200 Omaha Huge Omaha pot develops. 4 players are all-in. Ahmad Ahmad holds a straight on the flop that holds up until Joe Rondon hits a river 9 to make a full house (9's full of 4's) with his pocket 9's. Rondon takes down a pot of almost 50,000. Picture is below.

505pm 100/200 Omaha Maverick Marquee is all-in vs. Joe Rondon. The King of Spades hits the board to give Rondon the Ace-high flush. However it's ruled that the King should have been a burn card. When the hand is rectified Marquee takes it down and stays alive. Picture below.

515 200/400


Ahmad Ahmad hits 9's full of 7's to take down a huge pot. Edgar Sandoval busts out in 11th place.

525pm 350/700


In one of the most pivotal hands of the tournament, another huge Omaha pot builds. Ahmad Ahmad takes the top 2 pots while Chris Heina wins the main pot all-in to quadruple his stack.

615pm 1200/2400   Playoff Tournament points leader Fabian Ramos busts out in 8th place.
715pm 5000/ 10000   Blinds hit 5,000 / 10,000 as the Final Table is down to 3 players. Clockwise from front right: Chris Lackore, Joe Rondon, and Chris Heina. George Khas officiates.

735pm 10000/ 20000 Holdem The final hand comes in Holdem as Chris Heina hits 8's full of jacks to win it all. Joe Rondon is in 2nd place. Nate Beal dealt the winning hand. Chris Heina wins the October Championship and a seat at the upcoming 2006 Grand Championship in January.

730pm OPEN TABLE   The final hand on the open tables finds Daniel Rodriguez holding Ace-10 vs. Ronnie Regan's suited 7-9. Daniel's hand holds up to claim first place and a seat at the 2006 Grand Championship!

Congratulations to all players who made the October 2006 Championship a memorable event!