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Free tournaments. No buy-in or gambling for money or other things of value. No prizes, trophies, bartabs, or other awards. Strictly for entertainment & sport. Must be 21. Scores are as received from the Chicago Poker Meetup Group. For information and current schedule visit:

SPRING 2006 CHAMPIONSHIP, Sun, June 25th

32 QUALIFYING PLAYERS: Al Chin, James Choi, Doug Clay, Ilan Cohen, Bret Dale, Iwona Filuciak, Sonny Fuentes, Merri Furlong, Brad Hart, Matt Hollinger, Rebecca Hollinger, James Howald, Chris Lackore, Tony Matthews, Jeff Nigh, Erion Postoli, Fabian Ramos, Norman Rivera, John Rogers, Joe Rondon, Gordon Rosenthal, Ken Rubio, Sandeep Sakya, Garrett Schaefer, David Snitkin, Jim Sodergren, Yoel Sommer, Michael Villa, Rob Vinson, Ryan Watson, Neville White, and Felix Chan Yu.



1st: Fabian Ramos

2nd: Ken Rubio

3rd: Chris Lackore

4th: Rob Vinson

5th: Merri Furlong

6th: Iwona Filuciak

7th tie: Yoel Sommer

7th tie: Michael Villa

9th: James Choi

10th: Ilan Cohen



STARTING STACK: Each player starts with 10000 units. Units are free and have no exchange for cash, prizes, or other things of value. Each player also has one "re-entry" option for another stack of 10000 units, but only after they have gone "all-in" and busted out.

400pm 50/100 Holdem Tournament play begins
415pm   Holdem With a Queen in her hand, Iwona Filuciak makes 4 Queens on the flop vs. Erion Postoli's pocket A-K. Postoli catches both a King on the turn and Ace on the river to make Queens full of Aces, but to no avail. Picture is below.

416pm 100/200 Holdem Blinds raised to 100/200
420pm 100/200 5-Card Stud First hand of no-limit 5-card stud is dealt.
435pm 200/400 Omaha Chris Lackore hits Q's full vs. Matt Hollinger's 9's full. Hollinger is forced to use re-entry option. Lackore is at middle right with Q's full in picture below.

440pm 200/400 Omaha Lackore hits an Ace straight on flop. It holds up vs. Tony Matthew's 8-queen straight. Matthews re-enters.
444pm     Rebecca Hollinger busts-out and re-enters.
447pm     Jeff Nigh re-enters
450pm 200/400 Omaha Merri Furlong hits a flush as Neville White mis-reads his 3 6's for a full house rather than trips. White re-enters. Picture below, White in upper left, Furlong lower left out of camera. Rob Vinson, Chris Lackore and Tony Matthews look on.

450pm 400/800 Omaha Joe Rondon re-enters
455pm 400/800 Omaha Furlong knocks out Neville White when her trip 10's hold up vs. Whites King's and a straight draw.
500pm 400/800 Lowball In first hand of Lowball, Furlong's 9 high beats Vinsons 10 to win an 8,000+ pot.
510pm 700/1400 Lowball Rob Vinson is stung by Ilan Cohen and re-enters
515pm 700/1400 Lowball Rebecca Hollinger is knocked out.
518pm 700/1400 Lowball Gordon Rosenthal catches a 9-8 on the deal and goes all-in vs. Bret Dale's 10 high. Dale re-enters. Picture is below.

520pm 1200/2400   Matt Hollinger is knocked out.
522pm 1200/2400   Erion Postoli re-enters
525pm 1200/2400   Joe Rondon is knocked out.
530pm 1200/2400   Jeff Nigh is knocked out.
535pm 2000/4000   Gordon Rosenthal re-enters
      Sonny Fuentes is knocked out.
540pm 2000/4000 Lowball Al Chin stays alive when his 10-9 holds up all-in against Filuciak's Q-8
545pm 2000/4000 5-Card Stud Bret Dale is knocked out when Ken Rubio catches a pair of 9's to beat Dale's 3's.
555pm 2000/4000   Erion Postoli is knocked out.
605pm 3000/6000 5-Card Stud Al Chin is knocked out when his Ace upcard doesn't scare Fabian Ramos with two 9's. Chin can't pair on 5th street and is out.
      Ilan Cohen is knocked out.
610pm 3000/6000   FINAL TABLE IS SET with the 9 remaining players. From front left clockwise: Fabian Ramos, Merri Furlong, Yoel Sommer, James Choi, Michael Villa, Tournament Director S. Mike Bishop (standing), Rob Vinson, Chris Lackore, Ken Rubio, and Iwona Filuciak.

615pm 5000/10000   Blinds hit 5,000 / 10,000
620pm 5000/10000   Iwona Filuciak re-enters
621pm 5000/10000   James Choi is knocked out in 9th place.
635pm 8000/16000   Merri Furlong and Michael Villa re-enter
640pm 8000/16000 Holdem Furlong is all-in with J-7 vs. Yoel Sommer and Iwona Filuciak, both holding A-10. Furlong hit's a Jack on the board. Sommer re-enters.

645pm 8000/16000   Villa and Sommer are knocked out, tied for 7th when Vinson's 9's with King kicker beats Sommers 9's w/ Queen kicker.

650pm 8000/16000 5-Card Stud Iwona Filuciak dodges a major bullet when she folds her Queen upcard vs. Fabian Ramos' King upcard in 5-card stud. Ramos had made the bet too rich to call at 72,000, all-in. After the fold, both players reveal an Ace as their downcard. Picture is below.

654pm 8000/16000 5-Card Stud Merri Furlong puts a big hit on Iwona Filuciak when she pairs her Ace on 5th Street to beat Filuciaks 4's. Furlong holds the Ace in picture below.

700pm 12000/24000 Omaha Vinson takes down a monster pot. All-in vs. Filuciak and Ken Rubio, Vinson hits trip 7's on the flop and the river pairs his Kings to make a full house. Iwona Filuciak is knocked out in 6th place. Vinson holds the fateful K-7 below.

720pm 16000/32000 Lowball A massive lowball score for Fabian Ramos who drew one card and hit a perfect 7-5-4-3-2, one of the most coveted hands in poker! He triples up and knocks out Merri Furlong in 5th place. The 7-2 is laid out in picture below, middle left.

725pm 16000/32000 Lowball Lackore is all-in and holds a 10-high. Ramos draws and hits a Jack high. Lackore doubles up. At this point neither Rubio, Lackore, nor Ramos have needed to use their re-entry options.
735pm 25000/50000 Holdem Holding A-7, Ramos hits a straight to the 10 on the River to knock out Vinson in 4th place. Lackore re-enters.

740pm 25000/50000   Lackore is out in 3rd place. The final heads-up showdown begins between Ken Rubio (on right in picture below), and Fabian Ramos.

755pm 25000/50000   In the final hand below, Fabian Ramos wins the see-saw heads-up battle. Ramos is declared the Spring 2006 No-Limit Champion, Ken Rubio is runner-up.

Congratulations to all players who made the Spring 2006 Poker Championship a memorable tournament!